Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 Shots

B vitamins are crucial nutrients that fulfill vital roles in the body, supporting proper cellular function and aiding in the maintenance of organs and bodily systems. Among these, vitamin B12 stands out as essential for energy production, DNA synthesis, the generation of red blood cells, and the maintenance of nerve health.


What You Need to Know

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is a crucial nutrient that plays a key role in maintaining nerve function, producing red blood cells, and supporting overall energy levels. However, many individuals may have a deficiency in Vitamin B12, leading to symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, and neurological issues. Our Vitamin B12 therapy is designed to replenish your levels and promote optimal health.

Vitamin B12 can really make a difference if you’re feeling low on energy, have a chronic illness or absorption issues. 

vitamin B12 deficiency including:

  1. Depression or feeling low

  2. Sleep issues

  3. Fatigue

  4. Brain fog

  5. Muscle weakness

  6. Anaemia

  7. Infertility

  8. Recurrent miscarriages

  9. Low sperm count

Treatment Duration

10 – 15 minutes

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