NOTE: All trained non-medical professional are required to practice under the supervision of a registered Health Care  Professional. This ensure that the highest standards of safety and care are maintained throughout all aesthetics procedure

Course Overview

Our one-day intensive practical training in Botox and dermal fillers not only provides hands-on experience but also serves as an excellent entry point for medical professionals seeking to fast-track their careers in aesthetic medicine, boosting their confidence and competence.
Through our CPD-accredited courses, you can become a certified provider of the most requested cosmetic treatments and procedures. Our Foundation Botox and Filler Course features a unique hybrid learning approach, combining in-person practical training with comprehensive online modules. This blend ensures you are well-versed in both theoretical concepts and practical skills, enabling you to excel in delivering high-quality aesthetic treatments.

The beginner skill level course includes:
– Virtual learning of theory
– In-house lectures and demonstrations
– Extensive hands-on practice with real clients
– Ongoing post-training support

Price: £1200
Duration: 1 Day
Level: Beginner
Location: London
Handouts: Yes
CPD: Yes
E-Learning: Yes
Hands-on Practise: Yes

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