Facial Treatment Training

NOTE: All trained non-medical professional are required to practice under the supervision of a registered Health Care  Professional. This ensure that the highest standards of safety and care are maintained throughout all aesthetics procedure

Course Overview: Beginner Skincare/Beauty Training

This course is ideal for complete beginners of skincare and beauty, with no prior knowledge or qualifications required. It is completed in one intensive day of practical, hands-on training.
Facial skincare treatments are highly effective at improving both the appearance and condition of the skin, addressing a variety of common skincare concerns. These treatments are popular year-round and are best offered as a series, making them a lucrative service to provide. You will gain the skills to cleanse, tone, perform a skin analysis, and apply masks and moisturisers to your client’s skin. Additionally, you will learn a facial massage technique to add a relaxing element to your skincare treatments.

Course content includes:
 – Health and safety related to facial skincare treatments
– Anatomy and physiology of the skin
– Consultation for facial treatments
– Contraindications to facial treatments
– Procedure for providing a facial skincare treatment
– Adapting treatments to meet a range of client skin types and conditions
– Homecare and aftercare advice for facial treatments

Price: £299
Duration: 1 Day
Level: Beginner
Location: London
Handouts: Yes
CPD: Yes
E-Learning: Yes
Hands-on Practise: Yes

What You Need to Know

Ellansé operates distinctively and organically. Harnessing its distinctive properties, it not only addresses wrinkles and folds but also sparks your body’s collagen production, genuinely tackling the root causes of facial aging. The results unfold gradually and persist for an extended duration, delivering a naturally youthful appearance.

Treatment Duration

30-40 minutes

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Pre-mixed with filler

Duration of Result

1-4 years

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